Damas Restaurant

Identity and Packaging Design proposal for Damas Restaurant’s new “Marché Gourmet”.

Located in Montreal, Québec, Damas specialises in upscale Syrian cuisine. In the upcoming year they plan on opening a marketplace to not only sell their restaurant favourites but also take-home meals and groceries inspired by Syrian culture.

For the branding I was inspired by mashrabiya, an architectural feature commonplace in many Middle-Eastern households. Mashrabiya has traditionally been used as a visually attractive yet effective protection against harsh sunlight. I saw similarities behind this description of beauty and utility, and the many dishes that Damas Restaurant creates. Each mezze they create are not only delicious and nourishing, but are presented beautifully on the plate with an array of colours and textures.

I chose to create a more minimal approach to the traditional mashrabiya pattern, which I believe lends a more light and modern feel. This design can then be applied on an array of different packaging applications as shown here.

ServicesArt Direction, Branding, Packaging DesignYear2018-2019Linkwww.restaurant-damas.com

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