Échelles Magazine – Édition 03: Icône

My design for the theme of “icon” was selected to be presented in édition 03 of the editorial magazine, Échelles. I chose to focus on the iconic brand, beverage and bottle, Coca-Cola.

Due to this drink’s popularity and the lack of discrimination to whom Coke deems marketable, Coca-Cola has become an equalizer of marginalized groups. Therefore would it not be interesting to examine what happens when we take the marginalized elements of the brand itself, the lesser-known pieces of information that make up this soda, and give them a platform of equal importance to its more recognizable counterparts? For these reasons I was interested in taking the very essence of Coca-Cola, the ingredients that make up this iconic product, amongst other less recognizable elements of its branding and making them the primary focus. What if we take this information and put it at the forefront instead of the dominant information being the shape of the bottle, the red of the label or the curvy script of the logo. What weight or value will this evoke in the viewer? What happens when we view an icon from a different perspective? When we take the invisible part of an icon and make it visible, can an icon’s reverence persist?

ServicesEditorial, Branding, Packaging Design, IdentityYear2019Linkhttp://www.echellesmag.com

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