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Échelles Magazine

Édition 03 - Icône


Branding, Editorial, Poster Design

My design for the theme of “icon” was selected to be presented in édition 03 of the editorial magazine, Échelles. I chose to focus on the iconic brand, beverage and bottle, Coca-Cola.

Due to this drink’s popularity and the lack of discrimination to whom Coke deems marketable, Coca-Cola has become an equalizer of marginalized groups. Therefore would it not be interesting to examine what happens when we take the marginalized elements of the brand itself, the lesser-known pieces of information that make up this soda, and give them a platform of equal importance to its more recognizable counterparts? For these reasons I was interested in taking the very essence of Coca-Cola, the ingredients that make up this iconic product, amongst other less recognizable elements of its branding and making them the primary focus.

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