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Unreal Engine

Build Paris


Art Direction, Branding

I worked remotely with Unreal Engine for Epic Games from 2017-2018 as a Graphic Designer. I worked primarily on Unreal Studio creating assets for their launch, however I also did design work for their Build events. Here are some examples of assets I created for Unreal Engine’s Build Paris 2018 event. I worked on the assets for all their Build events in Munich, Paris, Stockholm, London and Build Boeing (USA) from 2017-2018.

The Build events focus on the use of real-time technology across different industries and are a place for designers, engineers and forward thinkers to gather for presentations, demonstrations and discussion. As these events are focused in the tech world I gained inspiration from the concept of “glitch”. For there to be room for innovation in technology to grow, there are always sudden or temporary malfunctions that can arise.

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